woman in wheelchair with Canine Companions service dog resting on her lap

September 2021 eNews


A Journey of 25 Years and Counting Sharon’s journey with Canine Companions started with a single dog bone and a letter her mom placed under their Christmas tree in the mid-1990s. Even after 25 years, she still hasn’t forgotten that…

Man traveling in wheelchair with white labrador besides him

August 2021 eNews


With an adorable name like Tortilla, it’s easy to underestimate what this service dog means to Arash Bayatmakou. After injuring his spine from a fall in 2012, Arash’s life changed dramatically, but he never wavered from his passion for the outdoors. With Tortilla expertly trained in 45 commands, he enhances Arash’s independence and confidence.

A woman in a blue dress and graduation hat stands next to a yellow lab in a blue service vest also wearing a graduation hat

July 2021 eNews


Kearria is the definition of resilience. Senseless gun violence turned her life upside down during spring break, resulting in Kearria having to re-learn how to walk and speak again.

woman wearing purple button up shirt sitting on a bench and petting Canine Companion service dog on the chest

June 2021 eNews


Canine Companions hit a major milestone this month – matching the 7,000th service dog team since our founding in 1975.

A young Black man using a power wheelchair smiles with a yellow Labrador in a blue vest resting its upper body on the man’s legs.

May 2021 eNews


Emmanuel is living his dream life despite the pandemic. He has a loving family. He loves his job as the community resource officer for the State of Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council, and last year, another dream came true when he was matched with Service Dog Hogan.

man with Canine Companions service dog face to face

April 2021 eNews


We are pleased to honor our 20th Jack Warnock Award winner, volunteer Chris Newbern of Conroe, Texas

a  young boy in a sheriff's outfit

March 2021 eNews


13-year-old California resident Miller, who has a rare neurodegenerative disease, received Skilled Companion Bahama free of charge last year.

Canine Companions service dog with person who is sitting on a fallen tree

February 2021 eNews


Charlie is a veteran and one of thousands of graduates who have received service dogs from Canine Companions®.

three people with Canine Companions service dog

January 2021 eNews


In 2020, Nick Antlitz was matched with Canine Companions® Service Dog Zach. The two have been inseparable ever since as Nick’s independence has soared.