February 2022 eNews

The partnership of Mikisa and Service Dog Aries is full of love. Aries not only helps Mikisa with physical tasks, such as getting dressed, interrupting repetitive behaviors and picking up dropped items; he also taught her to initiate affection, which built stronger relationships with her three sisters. “I wish we had gotten Service Dog Aries sooner. He has such a big impact,” says Mikisa’s mother, Christina. “Aries is loving and loyal. The way he looks to Mikisa is amazing.” Christina continues, “Aries gives me hope for Mikisa’s future.”

Join us for an advocacy webinar on the need for the Paws Off Act. Learn from an ASPCA animal poison control expert about the danger of xylitol and how the Paws Off Act can make us more informed dog owners and handlers.

To celebrate the February premiere of Channing Tatum’s movie DOG, Red Roof® is supporting Canine Companions through their Room in Your Heart purpose program. Make your reservation and stay at one of their locations this February to save 15%, and 5% of your stay will be donated to Canine Companions!

With multiple personalized options available, you can confidently leave a lasting legacy to support Canine Companions’ mission now and in the future through your estate plans. Learn more about how we can help you design your plans to ensure that they include everyone and everything you love.

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