December 2021 eNews

For 7-year-old Everly and her family, everything changed when they found Canine Companions. Everly has autism, which impacts her ability to regulate sensory input and makes communication and transitioning between activities a significant challenge. They were matched — entirely free of charge — with Service Dog Richie, a best friend who also brings broader life experiences. He has made the impossible possible, thanks to his professional training in more than 45 commands. Everly’s independence and self-esteem have increased because of her partnership with Richie.

Canine Companions is featured in a season 2 episode called Dogs – the first of five new episodes available to stream on Disney+. The crew from the popular show met up with a pile of future service dog puppies.

Canine Companions gear is the perfect gift to give this holiday season! With new items like limited-edition holiday and winter greeting cards, tumblers and loungewear, there’s something special for everyone in your circle of friends and family.

Rather than receiving holiday gifts this year, set up a personal fundraising site for Canine Companions instead! Your friends and family can support your fundraising efforts that will directly provide enhanced independence to people with disabilities.

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