October 2021 eNews

With an abundance of amazing technology that exists in our world, one would think people with disabilities would have all of their needs met. Naomi, who was born with schizencephaly, a congenital brain malformation, relies on a power wheelchair for mobility and uses a computerized “talker” to speak. Service Dog Inga comforts, entertains and provides a social bridge with others, as well as interrupts panic attacks for Naomi before they happen. “It was truly love at first sight. Naomi burst into joyful tears the moment they met,” says Stephanie, Naomi’s mom.

October 18-24 is National Planned Giving Awareness Week, which means it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your future plans. We offer a variety of estate planning tools and ways for you and your family to include Canine Companions as part of your legacy.

New legislation recently passed in California which addresses the growing online sale of fraudulent emotional support and service animal certificates, while protecting public access rights for people with legitimate service dogs.

Start off the new year with pages of adorable puppies to make you smile every day! Vespa, the cover puppy, and her friends will continue to inspire us to be the leader in the service dog industry. The calendar is yours with a $25 donation.

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