New Patented Wearable Technology Provides Support

Canine Companions is proud to introduce our groundbreaking CanineAlert Device, a patented wearable technology designed to provide essential support. Developed in-house, this innovative technology represents a significant advancement in assisting people with disabilities.  

How It Works: 

The CanineAlert System monitors the wearer’s heart rate, leveraging cutting-edge technology to wirelessly communicate with the dog’s collar device with the help of an app. Upon detecting irregularities in the wearer’s heart rate, the device triggers a gentle vibration, prompting the service dog to intervene; the service dog is trained to perform a specific task, based on the needs of the wearer, for example to awaken them from a nightmare and aid in their recovery. 
Dog Collar with the CanineAlertTM device

Integrated Canine Technology: 

Unlike existing anxiety detection methods that rely on physical movement, the CanineAlert System operates using biometric technology, monitoring the wearer’s heart rate. This ensures support for those who may not exhibit detectable movement during episodes, providing an additional layer of assistance beyond traditional training methods. In addition to essential support, the device facilitates the recovery process, with the service dog providing comfort, ensuring a faster and more effective response to prevent escalation.  

As we advance, the vision for CanineAlert extends beyond addressing specific conditions, aiming to extend this innovative support to address various symptom mitigations like daytime anxiety and stimming, ensuring comprehensive assistance throughout the day. We aspire to broaden its application to support individuals with various disabilities, fostering inclusivity and enhancing quality of life for all. 

Customized Support

Canine Companions is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet individual needs for children, adults and veterans with disabilities.  
A yellow lab service dog wearing the CanineAlertTM collar looking at someone on a bed