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David and Service Dog Kellen standing at the beach

David and Service Dog Kellen

Kellen provides even more sense of safety and peace of mind for David, thanks to his training to mitigate symptoms of PTSD. Tasks like anxiety interruption and creating a buffer in crowds have been life-altering for David’s ability to connect with the world around him.

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Sofia and Service Dog Trooper seating on the stair in front of the libreary

Sofia and Service Dog Trooper

In October 2023, Sofia was invited to Team Training. The first dog she met would become her new best friend and partner – Trooper. Service Dog Trooper is the difference between a silent, confusing world and a world of safety and independence.

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Two women stand on the steps of a stately building, smiling as they hold a certificate. A black Labrador service dog in a blue and yellow vest sits proudly in front, completing this moment of achievement.

Trailblazing as a Team in Nebraska

Sue Marlatt champions service dog awareness in Nebraska, celebrating National Service Dog Month with Governor Jim Pillen. Her journey from applicant to advocate with Canine Companions highlights the transformative impact of service dogs, honoring her late husband Randy’s legacy.

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