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September is #NationalServiceDogMonth! 🐕‍🦺Celebrate and honor service dogs and the amazing work they do for people with disabilities.

Throughout the month, we will be introducing you to PROs, with each one having a special bond with their partners to enhance independence for them day in and day out.

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🐾 Learn more by clicking here:
 #servicedogmonth #servicedog #LeadWithIndependence

Service dog Opus social media post

Meet a Canine Companions PRO — Service Dog Opus! 🐕‍🦺 As an expertly trained #servicedog, Opus is trained in 45 tasks to enhance his partner, Diana’s, independence, from opening doors to a restaurant to picking up dropped items around the house. Trained by a volunteer puppy raiser in their prison puppy raiser program in Tennessee, Opus aced his basic training, which became a basis for his excellent performance in professional training! 💛💙

🐾 Click here to get to know Opus.
#NationalServiceDogMonth #servicedogmonth #LeadWithIndependence

Service dog renata social media post

Meet Renata, a PRO at Canine Companions! 🐕‍🦺 Renata is a life-changing #servicedog and partner to Wallis, a long-time client. Loyal and eager to enhance independence Renata even learned tasks in American Sign Language — which furthers the bond between the pair.

🐾Click here to get to know Renata.
#NationalServiceDogMonth #servicedogmonth  #ASL #LeadWithIndependence

Service dog Midas social post file

Meet Midas, the Canine Companions PRO who is teamed up with a young girl named Greta. 🐕‍🦺 Midas helps Greta become more independent so that she doesn’t have to rely on others so much to get things done in her day-to-day life. With his big, furry tail wagging, Midas makes sure to get her phone for her, which is very important to Greta, and also to pick out a trendy outfit for hitting the town

🐾Click here to get to know Midas.
#NationalServiceDogMonth #servicedogmonth  #LeadWithIndependence

Service dog Vizzini social media post

#ServiceDog Vizzini is a PRO at Canine Companions! 🐕‍🦺 Vizzini helps Mia get around by pulling her manual wheelchair. Not only that, Vizzini also hits tiny elevator buttons with his squishy nose, opens doors with push plates and grabs her keys from the ground — all so that Mia can be more independent!

🐾Click here to get to know Vizzini.
#NationalServiceDogMonth #servicedogmonth #LeadWithIndependence

As a Canine Companions PRO, TJ is a lifesaver for Nick, his partner, who is hard-of-hearing. 🐕‍🦺 Not only does TJ alert Nick about sounds around him at home, such as phone calls and alarms, but he also enhances his independence as he works as a college professor on campus.

🐾Click here to get to know TJ.
#NationalServiceDogMonth #servicedogmonth  #LeadWithIndependence

Yellow lab lays in the grass in front of hundreds of small American flags

Canine Companions service dogs empower clients to Make Every Day Independence Day! Expertly trained in up to 45 commands, these service dogs enhance independence for children, adults and veterans with disabilities – so they can live their lives to the fullest! To learn more and make a difference, visit

four dogs in yellow puppy capes and mortar boards pose in front of a building

Canine Companions graduation ceremonies honor people with disabilities placed with expertly trained service dogs nationwide. This celebration marks the end of a service dog’s professional training and the beginning of a partnership between a human and a canine that will provide endless service and companionship. To watch ceremonies and learn more, visit

Canine Companions puppy seating next to a wheel chair
Each Canine Companions puppy is a service dog in the making, working to become a life-changing partner to a person with a disability. Learn more at
Service dog next to puppy in training

Volunteers make Canine Companions’ life-changing mission possible. Join our national community at

Service dog picking up keys
The Hot Cars Act has been signed into law! Auto companies will soon begin protecting service dogs, pets and kids left behind in hot vehicles with sensors and alerts. Thank you, Canine Companions for leading on this issue! #leadwithindependence #victory
disable kid with her service dog next to her
The human-canine bond is powerful, and Canine Companions is leading the way to provide more service dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities.
Graduate with her service dog
Canine Companions service dogs help our graduates lead lives with greater independence, confidence – and joy! Learn more at

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