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A man wearing an 'ARMY' T-shirt stands with his black service dog on a boardwalk by the beach. The text above them reads 'MAKE EVERY DAY INDEPENDENCE DAY' with the Canine Companions logo at the bottom.
“The PTSD service dog training Kellen received changes the dynamic for me. I can connect more and be more comfortable in the world because of Kellen.” – U.S. Army veteran David Medina with Service Dog Kellen 

‍🐕‍🦺 Help make every day Independence Day with a dollar-for-dollar match donation:  

Service dogs and all follow-up services from Canine Companions are provided to people with disabilities, including veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), completely FREE of charge.  

#servicedog #LeadWithIndependence #fundraising
A young girl in a wheelchair with leg braces sits on a sidewalk, accompanied by a yellow Labrador Retriever wearing a blue Canine Companions vest, holding a water bottle in its mouth. The text above them reads 'MAKE EVERY DAY INDEPENDENCE DAY' with the Canine Companions logo at the bottom.

➡️DOUBLE your impact TODAY: 

Right now, all gifts are automatically DOUBLED to help TWICE as many children, adults and veterans with disabilities receive #servicedogs from Canine Companions – completely FREE of charge. Your donation goes directly to enhance independence for those in need, so they can lead lives to the fullest. 

#servicedog #LeadWithIndependence #fundraising 
By volunteering with Canine Companions, not only do I help service dogs bring joy and support to those with disabilities, but I also create memorable experiences with others in my community. Let’s volunteer, spread positivity and transform lives!  
💙 Learn more today:
#nvm #GlobalVolunteerMonth #volunteering #volunteer #servicedog #dog #nonprofit 
A smiling woman giving a dog a bath
Love dogs and want to make a difference? Become a volunteer with Canine Companions to ensure more people with disabilities receive service dogs free of charge! You can make a difference and have fun at the same time. Learn more by visiting
#volunteer #volunteerwork #servicedog #dog #nonprofit 

Your time, your impact! From puppy cuddles to promoting the Canine Companions mission in your community, every minute counts when you volunteer with them! Join the volunteer team today and be part of their life-changing mission.  
💖 For more details, head over to

#nvm #GlobalVolunteerMonth #volunteering #volunteer #servicedog #dog #nonprofit

A smiling girl sitting in the doorway of a small aircraft holding a black lab puppy

Whether you have one hour or one year to volunteer, come join Canine Companions! From puppy raising to dog bathing, there’s something for everyone. Plus, your contribution always ensures we make a difference in the service dog industry and the disability community. Learn more by visiting

#volunteer #volunteerwork #servicedog #dog #nonprofit 

Canine Companions puppy seating next to a wheel chair

Each Canine Companions puppy is a service dog in the making, working to become a life-changing partner to a person with a disability. Learn more at

Service dog next to puppy in training

Volunteers make Canine Companions’ life-changing mission possible. Join our national community at

Graduate with her service dog

Canine Companions service dogs help our graduates lead lives with greater independence, confidence – and joy! Learn more at

disable kid with her service dog next to her
The human-canine bond is powerful, and Canine Companions is leading the way to provide more service dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities.

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