National Service Dog Month

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September Is National Service Dog Month!

National Service Dog Month is a month-long celebration honoring the hard work and life-changing impact service dogs make on people with disabilities every day.

Click to meet the PROS, learn more about service dogs and what makes a service dog different from other types of dogs. Plus, expand your etiquette skills, play and download fun activities and get involved in the celebration!

Meet the PROS

Click on a dog to learn more about their unique skills.

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Future Pro Rock Yago Wickie Patrick Gucci
blue circle with the words 64 Million Americans live with a disability.
yellow circle with the text 15,000 service dogs from accredited organizations in the US
Yellow circle with the words 4.7 million veterans have a service-related injury
blue circle with the words 91 percent of clients report increased independence after receiving their service dog
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What Is a Service Dog?

In 1975, Canine Companions created the concept of “service dogs” to assist people with physical disabilities. They’re specially trained to perform tasks that help make daily life easier for people with disabilities.

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What Are the Differences Between Working Dogs and Emotional Support Animals?

With so many types of working dogs, it can be hard to tell, but Canine Companions has you covered! Click below to learn about the important differences between service dogs and other types of working dogs.

Journey From Puppy to Service Dog

A career as a Canine Companions service dog is not a job every dog can simply take on. Training starts during puppyhood, perfecting basic tasks and adapting to a wide range of social settings and environments to solidify a foundation for success. 

Interacting with a Service Dog and Their Handler

It can be hard to resist interacting with a service dog – we know! But there are important reasons to respect a service dog team’s space. What isn’t hard is learning the right way to start a conversation with a service dog handler!

A woman waving to a man in a motorized wheelchair with a black lab service dog

Fun and Games

Take our fun quizzes to see how much you know about service dog etiquette, and participate in fun activities.

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