National Service Dog Month

yellow lab in blue service vest



In September!

September is National Service Dog Month! Let’s celebrate the human-canine bond and learn about expertly trained service dogs and how they help their partners live with greater independence.  

A service dog is more than a vest – learn how you can recognize a legitimate service dog and become an advocate for people with disabilities by sharing your knowledge with others.  Help raise awareness and appreciation for service dogs, and the hard work they do to help their handlers.

4.7 million veterans have a service related injury
8 percent of american children under age 15 have a disability
1.2 million individuals have developed a disability during the covid-19 pandemic
61 million american adults have a disability
woman in wheelchair is pulled along by yellow lab service dog in blue vest

What is a service dog?

In 1975 Canine Companions created the concept of “service dogs” to assist people with physical disabilities. They’re specially trained to perform tasks to help  make life easier for people with disabilities.

wervice dogs are working dogs
icon with requires years of training to do their job
circular graphic that says "they are allowed wherever their handler is permitted"
man on bench pets yellow lab in blue service vest

What are the differences between a service dog, facility dog, therapy dog and an emotional support animal?

With so many types of working dogs, it can be hard to tell, but Canine Companions has you covered! Learn more now about the important differences between service dogs and other types of working dogs.

a row of yellow and black lab service dogs in blue vests laying down

What is the best way to interact with a service dog in public?

It can be hard to resist interacting with a service dog – we know! But there are important reasons to respect a service dog team’s space. What isn’t hard is learning the right way to start a conversation with a service dog handler!

man in a motorized wheelchair with a black lab in blue service vest
woman walking