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Canine Companions dog on hospital bed

Canine Companions Facility Dog Joins Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Motivation and support can come in many forms, including a cold nose and warm heart, as John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital welcomed a Canine Companions for Independence facility dog to their team.
Brea an expertly trained 2-year-old dog provides comfort and support and serves as a friendly distraction for children during procedures and throughout their hospitalization.

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Canine Companions puppy standing on a box

Canine Cognition

Assistance dogs are trained to work with people with disabilities. Even among dogs specifically bred to be assistance dogs, only about 50 percent that start a training program will successfully complete it, while the rest go on to be very well-trained family pets. Dr. Evan MacLean, director of the Arizona Canine Cognition Center at the University of Arizona, is exploring ways to identify the best dogs for different jobs – before they start the long and expensive training process — by looking at their cognitive abilities.

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Man with service dog at restaurant counter

New Workplace Training Video Available from Canine Companions® and Littler Learning Group

Accommodating requests from employees and customers to bring service animals into their workplaces or facilities has become increasingly complex for companies. Canine Companions and Littler Learning Group have teamed up to provide guidance and training on service dog accommodations and access in the workplace with a new 30-minute training video.

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