April 2024 eNews

Volunteers play a crucial part in ensuring our vital mission continues to move forward every day – to provide expertly trained service dogs free of charge. Whether the commitment is for a day or decades, we’re so grateful for their dedication, efforts and passion to serve the disability community. As we inch closer to our 50th anniversary, we’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone and look forward to working together with our volunteers for many more decades to come!

Canine Companions is proud to introduce our groundbreaking CanineAlert™ Device, a patented wearable technology designed to provide essential support. Developed in-house, this innovative technology represents a significant advancement in assisting people with disabilities.

The best way to have a great time and support our mission is by attending our events happening in your community! From an all-ages event for dog lovers, like DogFest, to formal fundraisers, such as Sit Stay Sparkle, all events provide the chance to connect with others in your neighborhood, plus learn the importance of helping provide service dogs to people with disabilities.

To continue to share our mission and grow our volunteer base – and we need your help! Word of mouth is always great, but social media is a powerful tool that sends a message beyond neighborhoods and communities. We’ve made it simple and easy; just copy the post we’ve already created and copy and share the photos from our social share page. 

yellow hand drawn line break illustration
yellow hand drawn line break illustration

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