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Heading image surrounded by snowflakes featuring the image of a black lab facility dog playing a game with a young boy and the facility dog's handler and the image of a young girl with a yellow lab service dog in blue vest across her lap

Gift the Power of Enhanced Independence

Every day, Canine Companions empowers people with disabilities to lead more independent lives. Our community of supporters is the foundation of success in providing over 7,300 service dogs – FREE of charge – since our founding in 1975.

With one in four Americans with a disability, our work is not complete. There is a dire need for service dogs across the country, and our waitlist grows every year.

But, together, we can make a difference. Become a part of our community who empowers, brings joy and provides a lifetime of human-canine partnerships.

Stories Of Independence

Nika and Waverly

At the end of each day, after a myriad of outings and adventures, Waverly applies deep pressure across Nika’s legs to control muscle spasms, as Nika falls asleep. “As parents, nothing makes us happier than when Nika expresses true joy, and we have been able to see so many of these moments, since having Waverly in our lives,” shares Nika’s parents, Sarah and Stephen. 

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A blue circle with snowflakes around the image of a black lab facility dog playing a game with a young boy and the facility dog's handler

Janet and Facility Dog Bear

Alongside his handler, Investigator Janet Era, Bear performs trained tasks to help children share details of their traumatic experiences during interviews by applying deep, calming pressure, completing puzzles and playing games. “Bear’s most important job is getting victims through some of the most uncomfortable times of their lives,” Janet says. 

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Londen and Service Dog Numa

Numa helps with daily tasks, like retrieving items and opening doors, as well as participating in therapy sessions to motivate Londen to reach his clinical goals. “Numa makes Londen feel like they can do this as a team,” Fabiola, Londen’s mother shares. “With Numa, we have opened a whole new chapter that is so exciting. It’s a good feeling.” 

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A blue circle with snowflakes around the image of a boy in a wheelchair petting his black lab service dog in a blue vest
A green heart with snowflakes around the image of a boy in a wheelchair with his smiling parents behind him, and his yellow lab service dog laying across his lap

Sean and Service Dog Oscar

Oscar retrieves Sean’s cellphone—his lifeline—using a special tab, delivering the phone directly where Sean can grab it. “If I drop my cellphone, Oscar will pick it up and bring it right to my lap,” Sean says. Oscar has become a catalyst to meeting other service dog handlers and making new friends. “Just looking over at Oscar, Sean gets this boost,” Sean’s father, Rob says. 

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Makenzie and Hearing Dog Hanalei

Hanalei not only lets Makenzie know when to wake up for work, but also if a client is calling her name, knocking on her door or if the dormitory fire alarms are going off. “Hanalei not only helps keep me safe and aware,” says Makenzie. “She also keeps the students in Team Training safe, too.” 

a circle with snowflakes around the image of a smiling girl laying on the grass next to a yellow lab service dog in a blue vest with an orange hearing dog leash

Thank you to our generous match donors Dixie and Avalon, Beverly Vahlteich DeLaney, Faye E. Blake, Bryna Brennan and multiple anonymous donors who, together, provided $330k to support Canine Companions.

How Your Donation Helps

$25 Donation
A Hero's Vest

provides a new vest for a graduating service dog team

$50 Donation
Holiday Feast

Provides one month of dog food and toys for a dog in professional training

$100 Donation
Ring in the New Year Right

Provides expert medical and wellness care for a Canine Companions dog

$250 Donation
New Year, New Gear

Provides research and enrichment tools for canine studies

$500 Donation
Spending Time with Family and Friends

Provides dedicated follow-up services for a human-canine team

$1000 Donation
Home for the Holidays

Provides puppy transportation to volunteer puppy raisers

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