Nika’s Sparkle

Young girl with her service dog on her lapFor nine-year-old Nika, she experienced an instant “sparkle” when she was matched with Service Dog Waverly earlier this year.

Nika lives with hydranencephaly and cerebral palsy, which impacts her mobility. In addition, she experiences extreme anxiety when out in public, which limits her ability to experience the world around her.

Now with Waverly alongside her, every step of the way, she views her surroundings with a new outlook—with more sparkle. She’s able to not only experience outings, but enjoys them, with a huge smile on her face. Nika can go confidently to her Girl Scouts troop meetings, the public library and Target shopping trips, all with Waverly by her side.

Every night, Nika falls asleep as Waverly applies deep pressure across her legs to control muscle spasms. “As parents, nothing makes us happier than when Nika expresses true joy, and we have been able to see so many of these moments since having Waverly in our lives,” shares Nika’s parents, Sarah and Stephen.