Sponsor a puppy during National Service Dog Month

Help a child, adult or veteran lead life with greater independence by sponsoring a puppy for just $1 per day! This exclusive opportunity is only available during the month of September as we celebrate National Service Dog Month, a time devoted to raising awareness and showing appreciation for the extraordinary work service dogs accomplish every day.

But service dogs aren’t just born… they’re bred, raised and trained to do this important work. When you sponsor a puppy, you get to follow the journey from puppy to service dog—including special updates, growth progress, successes and fun facts!

There are two options for sponsoring a puppy: for yourself, or as a gift to someone else. The designated recipient will receive the ongoing updates.

canine companions black puppy
canine companions yellow puppy

Choose your puppy (or puppies!), complete the form—and you’re all set! You will receive:

• A Welcome Kit with custom puppy items mailed to the address provided within the first month.

• Regular email updates about the puppy: What they are learning, their growth progress and what’s coming next in their journey.

• A birthday card for the puppy and exclusive announcements over the next 16 months.

Click on the button next to the puppy you would like to sponsor and complete the form. If you are sponsoring both, please complete a form for each. If you are sponsoring a puppy as a gift for someone else, please be sure to select that specific form.  

Within the first month of sponsoring your puppy, you will receive a welcome kit in the mail. You will then receive regular updates via email that include updated photos or videos, information on what the puppy has been learning and where they are headed next in their journey to become a service dog. You will also receive a mailed birthday card on your puppy’s first birthday and a final mailed announcement when they enter professional training to become a service dog for someone with a disability.

The cost to sponsor a puppy is $375, or approximately $1 per day. This donation directly supports our mission of providing expertly trained service dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities at no cost to clients, allowing them to lead lives with greater independence. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get lots of puppy cuteness along the way!

Yes! A puppy sponsorship makes a great gift – for anyone on any occasion, including the upcoming holiday season! Each puppy has a form designated for gifting sponsorship – be sure you have selected that option before completing the form. If you’d like to make multiple gifts, please complete a form for each.
This is an exclusive opportunity available only during September during National Service Dog Month. This promotion ends September 30. We plan to have additional opportunities in the future, so check back for more puppies!