2021 Jack Warnock Award Winners and National Board of Directors Regional Volunteer Award

2021 Jack Warnock Award Winners and National Board of Directors Regional Volunteer Award

In 2000, our national board of directors established a national volunteer award given yearly to one volunteer from each of our six regions. The highest honor is the Canine Companions Jack Warnock Award, a tribute to longtime volunteer and graduate Jack Warnock.

This prestigious award acknowledges exceptional volunteerism at Canine Companions. We are pleased to recognize the 2021 Jack Warnock Award winner, volunteer Kathy Zastrow of El Dorado Hills, California, as well as congratulate the five regional winners.

Kathy Zastrow has dedicated nearly 30 years of her life to the mission of Canine Companions, devoting countless hours as a puppy raiser, breeder caretaker, founding chapter member, fundraiser, event organizer, presenter and regional board member. Read more about Kathy.

The North Central Region is proud to announce our regional volunteer award winner Kevin P. Cullen, Colonel, US Air Force (Ret). He currently serves on the North Central Region board and is the chair of the outreach committee. Read more about Colonel Cullen.

Jackie McCool not only dedicates her time to Canine Companions as a volunteer puppy raiser and Old Dominion Volunteer Chapter member, but she singlehandedly helped establish Canine Companions Give a Dog a Job 5K in the Richmond, Virginia area. Read more about Jackie.

Dr. Susan Ryan has served as an active Southwest Region board member for over five years and has dedicated her time and effort to the mission in numerous ways. She has raised two puppies, one of whom went on to become breeder, and the other is a service dog. Read more about Dr. Ryan.

Mary Ashlyn Theide works with patients who are rehabilitating from brain and spinal cord injuries at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more about Mary Ashlyn.

Dawn Thompson became involved with Canine Companions nearly 10 years ago, and year after year, her volunteerism and dedication to the mission grows. Initially drawn to our organization through volunteer puppy raising, Dawn has raised two Canine Companions puppies who have both gone on to graduate and make a life-changing impact on our clients. Read more about Dawn.