Dr. Susan Ryan – Southwest Region

Dr. Susan Ryan has served as an active Southwest Region board member for over five years and has dedicated her time and effort to the mission in numerous ways. She has raised two puppies, one of whom went on to become breeder, and the other is a service dog. Susan has successfully chaired the Colorado Barn Event since 2017, which has raised more than $250,000 for Canine Companions.

Susan has been instrumental in the development of Canine Companions pandemic policies and procedures, and she served as a resource to CEO Paige Mazzoni on pandemic issues. Thanks to a viral photo of Susan and Wynn, the puppy she was raising at the time, taking a break in the emergency room during the pandemic, she has had opportunities to be a national and international advocate for Canine Companions. This one photo ultimately resulted in extensive media exposure for Canine Companions. In addition, Susan has served as a mentor and behind-the-scenes leader, advocate and supporter of the CSU Collar Scholar program, and she has been a generous donor to Canine Companions since 2001. Susan quietly and routinely provides meals and coffee to the Southwest Region staff in recognition of their hard work.

We are grateful for Dr. Ryan and her leadership, tireless work and dedication to Canine Companions. We are honored to recognize her with the regional volunteer award.

Portrait of Susan Ryan