Jackie McCool – Northeast Region

Jackie McCool not only dedicates her time to Canine Companions as a volunteer puppy raiser and Old Dominion Volunteer Chapter member, but she singlehandedly helped establish Canine Companions Give a Dog a Job 5K in the Richmond, Virginia area. This innovative fundraising event has grown over the years, raising $53,000 in 2021, and helped gain exposure for Canine Companions—from media outlets and local businesses to the community.

In addition to increased engagement in local events, the Old Dominion Volunteer Chapter has gained attention as well, whose members have been right by Jackie’s side. Last year, Jackie worked with staff to help secure an in-kind media sponsorship with local television station NBC12 (WBBM) in Richmond. The partnership brought some incredible results, with a huge boost in public awareness about the event and Canine Companions. Jackie worked tirelessly to shepherd this new relationship, and her enthusiasm was so infectious, the station’s entire staff thoroughly embraced our organization. As a result, this led to numerous additional opportunities to promote Canine Companions and the Give a Dog a Job 5K fundraiser. Jackie made several on-air appearances with Canine Companions puppy Bogey and provided information about our powerful mission. She is currently working with Canine Companions staff to explore a possible public relations puppy raising partnership with the station.

The support from Canine Companions volunteers in the Northeast Region has a profound effect on what we accomplish as a region and organization. Jackie McCool’s dedication and leadership of the Give a Dog a Job 5K truly exemplifies the core values of Canine Companions, and we are proud to recognize her with the regional volunteer award.

Portrait of Jackie McCool