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Learn more about the science and technology we use to develop healthy and strong assistance dogs.

Canine Companions is at the forefront of the assistance dog industry, thanks to cutting edge research in collaboration with major canine health and cognition organizations. Studies on behavior and longitudinal studies help Canine Companions determine what makes a successful assistance dog. How can we predict success from a young age? Might we be able to identify the healthiest dogs to produce the future generations of happy, healthy working dogs? Learn with whom Canine Companions is partnering in an effort to provide the highest quality, healthiest and successful assistance dog partnerships.
Canine Companions puppy standing on a box

Canine Cognition

Dr. Evan MacLean, director of the Arizona Canine Cognition Center at the University of Arizona, is exploring ways to identify the best dogs for different jobs – before they start the long and expensive training process — by looking at their cognitive abilities.

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