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Solomon and Service Dog Wickie’s Story

Solomon was born with spina bifida and complex medical needs. His parents learned to care for his around-the-clock needs, eventually bringing home their new baby and his life-sustaining medical equipment. As Solomon grew, he was able to reduce his reliance on medical equipment, and now navigates the world using both a manual wheelchair and forearm crutches to get around. 

According to his mother, Stephanie, “Solomon loves all the things, all the time.” Now enhancing his life is an expertly trained service dog named Wickie. Wickie not only brings joy, comfort and companionship to Solomon; she also brings independence.  

When Solomon is using his crutches, he’s not able to open doors or hold items in his hands. Wickie gladly tugs doors open and carries toys to allow Solomon to have freedom in his home and in public. At scary or stressful appointments, Wickie is there to reassure her best friend and be by his side. 

Together, Solomon and Wickie are loving fiercely and living with greater independence and inclusion.  

“We’re ready to take on the world with Wickie,” Stephanie says. “Wickie gives Solomon a new way of life and we can’t wait to make more memories and meet more milestones with her as a member of our family.” 

Watch Wickie in Action