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Yellow lab in a blue service vest against a blue and yellow banner with the words "I have a license to drive."

Service Dog Vizzini's Story

When you’re looking for new ways to save energy, you’re probably not thinking about a big, yellow dog, but, Service Dog Vizzini is exactly what Mia thinks of when she wants to save energy! Vizzini and Mia can be found rolling all over the Washington, D.C., area, thanks to PRO energy-saving Vizzini! While cruising the metro and, even occasionally, The White House, “Zini” pulls Mia in her manual wheelchair. 

Mia, like many manual wheelchair users, expends a lot more energy to propel her wheelchair and could get overuse injuries without the help of Vizzini. That’s not all Zini does to help Mia live more independently with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle done disease) – he can also hit tiny elevator buttons with his squishy nose, open doors with push plates and grab her keys from the ground. Zini’s other favorite activity is hanging out with Mia wherever they go, and this PRO-duo are huge travelers! 

Vizzini's Skills