black service dog rock with graphic background. quote: not more going to voicemail

Elizabeth and Service Dog Rock’s Story

When Elizabeth Brownen’s remaining hearing deteriorated, making it difficult for her to not only hear sounds, but also to identify where sounds were coming from, she turned to the help of a dog. The 23-year-old found safety and awareness through Canine Companions Service Dog Rock, who serves as Elizabeth’s ears.  

Rock helps Elizabeth with daily sounds like alerting her with a nudge that the alarm clock is ringing, and also with important emergency alerts, like sirens and fire alarms. Together, Elizabeth and Rock are attending pharmacy school – a journey made easier with the increased awareness Rock brings Elizabeth about the sounds happening around her. 

“With Rock, I know when sounds are happening, where they are happening and what to do as a result of them. Rock helps me in so many ways.”  

Watch Rock in Action