Meet The PROS – Service Dog Renata

Yellow lab service dog in blue vest against a blue and yellow banner that says "I Speak two languages"

Service Dog Renata's Story

If there was ever a dog who loves her job, it’s Canine Companions Service Dog Renata! Partnered with Wallis for the past three years, Renata spends her days working with Wallis at Canine Companions headquarters in Santa Rosa, California, opening and closing doors, picking up anything as small as a dime and pulling Wallis in her wheelchair around the Schulz campus. 

Renata has a very special skill that helps her be a PRO for Wallis – she understands 65 signs in American Sign Language (ASL)! Wallis uses ASL to communicate due to her disabilities, and she made sure Renata could do all her tasks as a bilingual service dog! Renata loves learning new tasks to keep Wallis independent – she also likes to wave “hello” to everyone she meets! 

Renata's Skills

Wallis' Story