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Yellow lab service dog in blue vest against a blue and yellow banner that says "I can open the front door."

Service Dog Opus' Story

Opus definitely deserves a standing ovation for his work as a PRO, enhancing independence for his partner, Diana, who has cerebral palsy. Opus started his journey to PRO status learning his basic skills by partnering with an inmate in our prison puppy raising program at a Tennessee correctional center. His time in the program set Opus up for success during his professional training when he learned 45 skills to assist Diana. 

Opus loves to retrieve items for Diana, who uses a wheelchair part-time and has difficulty bending when she’s standing. Opus’ enthusiasm for picking up his own leash, shoes and socks is only rivaled by his PRO-level ability to open doors – literally and figuratively. The gentle giant is also known for his beautiful caramel coloring and having just as much fun working as he does playing with his toys! 

Opus' Skills