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A black lab service dog in blue vest against a blue and yellow banner that says "No more hitting snooze"

Service Dog Midas' Story

Midas is more than a very fluffy best friend for Greta, who uses a wheelchair due to a congenital muscle disorder. He’s also a PRO! Midas helps Greta be more independent and rely less on her moms to get things done in the hustle and bustle of New York City. With his big furry tail wagging, Midas gets Greta her phone and tugs open doors around their apartment! 

Service Dog Midas was specially bred, raised and trained to be a rockstar sidekick for an equally awesome human. He loves making sure Greta is never without her cell phone and that she can get into her closets to pick out a trendy outfit for hitting the town. 

Midas' Skills

Greta's Story