service dog yellow lab gucci with graphic background - quote" I can pick up a pencil

Callie and Service Dog Gucci’s Story

Callie, like many kids, loves dancing, Barbie dolls, shopping, makeovers and Disney princesses. But Callie is also living with a rare brain disorder and cerebral palsy, affecting her muscle mobility and often making daily tasks a challenge. She uses a wheelchair to get around, decked out with special colorful wheel covers. 

Callie’s mom, Andrea, says her daughter would get frustrated when she had to rely on others. “Callie wanted so badly to be independent and to do things by herself. She doesn’t like to ask for help and just wants to be like other kids,” says Andrea. 

Gucci is expertly trained to assist Callie with tasks including picking up dropped toys and shoes or tugging her jacket off – both activities Callie can’t do independently. Instead of relying on her parents, Gucci is there to help. 

“Having Gucci help with some of her daily tasks gives Callie more of that independence that she so desperately desired.” 

Watch Gucci in Action