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Black lab service dog in blue vest against a blue and yellow banner with the words "No more hitting snooze"

Service Dog TJ's Story

TJ is not only a PRO, he’s a lifesaver for his handler, Nick, who is hard-of-hearing. Service Dog TJ always has his ears tuned into important sounds, like Nick’s phone, timer and fire alarm. TJ’s alerts are a special skill that requires him to use his judgement to figure out what Nick needs to know. PROS like TJ, use their nose to nudge their handler’s leg to let them know a sound is happening. 

Not only does TJ let Nick know about sounds at home, he also takes his job everywhere they go – including Nick’s work as a college professor where he teaches communications. Nick’s lucky to have TJ as his ears and as a PRO wingman! Recently, TJ helped Nick propose to his girlfriend, and you bet she said “yes” to the cutest proposal of all time! 

TJ's Skills

Nick's Story