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Future Service Dogs

All Canine Companions puppies are on a journey to become service dogs, profoundly impacting the lives of individuals with disabilities. From birth, these puppies are showered with love and care, while being exposed to various stimuli to develop critical social skills.
Volunteer puppy raisers further contribute to their development until they reach 16 months, introducing them to new experiences and other real-life situations. Caring for a Canine Companions puppy is a team effort that sets these future service dogs on the path to success, and you can be a part of it!
The puppies then arrive at one of the six Canine Companions training centers where they undergo six months of professional training, equipping them with over 45 remarkable skills. Following the comprehensive training, a two-week Team Training class solidifies the bond between fully trained dogs and their partners. As the class concludes, a joyous graduation celebration marks the beginning of a lifelong partnership.
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future service dog

You can sponsor a Canine Companions puppy and directly contribute to the creation of lasting partnerships and greater independence. Take the first step towards transforming lives!

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Service Dog Month Infographic:
From Puppy to Service Dog