Young woman lying down on the grass with her hearing dog

Sound the Alarm


Makenzie McGuire has been profoundly deaf her whole life, using cochlear implants and lip reading to communicate with the world around her. While able to rely on these tools, she still wasn’t fully independent.

Young man in wheelchair and service dog on his lap with his parents next to him

Lifeline and Companionship


Service Dog Oscar was partnered with Sean in 2022, free of charge, and he would be key to bringing Sean and his family companionship and help.

Boy in wheel chair with his service dog

A Christmas Gift of a Lifetime


Living with a traumatic brain injury, Londen spends more time than most children in a hospital setting. He received Service Dog Numa, just in time for Christmas in 2020.

young boy on the couch with facility dog Bear

Never Losing a Case With Bear


Investigator Janet Era uses Bear’s trained tasks to help children open up during interviews by applying deep, calming pressure, doing puzzles and playing games.