New Workplace Training Video Available from Canine Companions® and Littler Learning Group

Man with service dog at restaurant counter

Accommodating requests from employees and customers to bring service animals into their workplaces or facilities has become increasingly complex for companies. Canine Companions and Littler Learning Group have teamed up to provide guidance and training on service dog accommodations and access in the workplace with a new 30-minute training video. This video provides guidance and training on service dog accommodations and access in the workplace in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Titles I and III.

The informative video features vignettes and a roundtable panel of Canine Companions and Littler experts who make learning fun!

“Our partnership with Littler has provided Canine Companions a platform to advocate and educate employers and the general public about the rights of people who rely on task-trained service dogs for independence,” says Canine Companions Chief Executive Officer Paige Mazzoni. “We are grateful to have such a wonderful and informative new training video that can have a real-life impact for our service dog teams.”

The Deal with Dogs video is available for purchase and is a perfect human resources training tool! Use the promo code DEALDOG10 for a 10% discount. Even better, a significant portion of sales benefit Canine Companions.

Check out the trailer for The Deal with Dogs: Unleashing Workplace Solutions to Service and Assistance Animals or purchase a copy for your workplace today! Don’t forget – use promo code DEALDOG10 to support Canine Companions even more and get a discount!

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