Red Roof Opens Its Heart to the Community Through Purpose Programs

patient laying in hospital bed with Canine Companions service dog laying by their sideJULY 9, 2021

Red Roof has always prided itself on giving back, supporting groups near and dear to its associates’ hearts. So much, in fact, Red Roof has developed its Room in Your Heart purpose program. Through promotional and giving initiatives, Room in Your Heart heads up campaigns to support diverse groups and the individuals and issues they serve.

“Doing good for our guests and the communities we serve is a mandate at Red Roof,” said Edelyn Parker-Frye, director, brand events, communications and partnerships, Red Roof. “Corporate social responsibility and social giving are embedded in our culture as demonstrated not only through monetary donations and promotional partnerships, but also through ongoing employee participation and volunteerism.”

Parker-Frye explained that while Red Roof has always found ways to give back to the communities in which it operates, the company formally brought its corporate social responsibility efforts under the single umbrella of Room in Your Heart in 2019.

“We seek organizations that align with Red Roof’s core values, as well as the core values of our guests and the communities we serve,” Parker-Frye said. “We also strive to choose organizations that benefit a diverse population. Our customers come from all geographies and walks of life—we like knowing that the organizations we support could benefit our customers should they ever find themselves in need.”

This summer, Room in Your Heart is supporting Canine Companions, a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing trained assistance dogs at no charge to the recipient.

“Canine Companions empowers its clients to lead lives with enhanced independence,” Parker-Frye said. “Canine Companions believes, and Red Roof agrees, that independence shouldn’t be limited to those who look or live a certain way. Disabilities reach all races, classes and backgrounds.”

Parker-Frye added that as a company that loves pets and dedicates much of its corporate social responsibility efforts to supporting families/children, military/veteran and pet-related causes, Red Roof is proud to support Canine Companions in its goal to enhance independence for children, adults and veterans with disabilities through these expertly trained dogs.

Guests can use a VP code to save on hotel stays at select Red Roof properties through July 31 and 5% of the revenue from their completed stay goes to support Canine Companions.*

“Canine Companions’ mission and message is being amplified through Red Roof’s social channels and email campaigns this summer, as well,” Parker-Frye added.

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