Puppy Wynn, who brought comfort to ER doctors during pandemic, gets sendoff party

doctor sitting on floor with face mask and shield with a Canine Companions puppy laying next to them.

A photo of Canine Companions puppy Wynn and her volunteer puppy raiser, Dr. Susan Ryan of Colorado, went viral in March 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The photo shows Susan, who is an emergency physician at Rose Medical Center in Denver, CO, sitting on the ground wearing personal protective equipment and petting Wynn.

Susan and Wynn’s time together is now ending, as Wynn enters professional training at Canine Companions to learn advanced commands and hopefully be placed with a person with a disability. Wynn made such a huge impact on the Rose Medical Center emergency department, so they hosted a sendoff party for her to celebrate the next step in her journey!

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