Pittsburgh Viewers Greet Next PTL Pup on Canine Companions Puppy Cam

Pittsburgh viewers were in for a treat on National Puppy Day, when they had the opportunity to meet the next Canine Companions puppy soon to become a staple in the community. 

Future Service Dog Roberto was one of six puppies shown during the Canine Companions live puppy cam on March 23. As viewers and puppy enthusiasts tuned in across the nation to celebrate National Puppy Day, Roberto was gearing up to begin his journey. A yellow lab puppy sits in front of a blue wall, dressed in a blue and yellow cape that reads ‘Canine Companions’

In a matter of weeks, the small puppy will make his first appearance on KDKA TV’s Pittsburgh Today Live. Similar to the dogs before him, Roberto will make weekly appearances until he is roughly 16-18 months old, showing off the skills he’s learned on his path to becoming a service dog. 

The partnership with CBS-Pittsburgh continues to serve as a great way to spread awareness about Canine Companions and important issues like service dog fraud. Prior to Roberto, PTL Pup Donny helped educate viewers about the important work service dogs do and how Canine Companions continues to lead the industry. 

Donny turned in to the North Central Training Center in February to begin his time in professional training. In anticipation of the next puppy’s arrival, viewers chose from a variety of different Pittsburgh-related names during a contest featured live and online. 

The station then announced “Roberto” as the winner as viewers tuned in to meet the new puppy. 

You can watch the full interview here.

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