Pensacola Blue Wahoos Announce Name of Their Newest Service Dog in Training

Black canine Companions puppy runningThe Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Canine Companions have teamed up once again to bring an adorable puppy to Blue Wahoos Stadium to begin its journey to becoming an expertly-trained service dog.

Fans had the opportunity to vote on the puppy’s name, culminating on three finalists: Batter, Bayou and Bubba. Votes were combined with input from Canine Companions staff and Blue Wahoos team members.

During the excitement of their opening night at Blue Wahoos stadium on Friday, April 7, it was announced that the winning name of the puppy was Bubba!  Fans might notice the name has a connection to Bubba Watson, the pro golfer and Pensacola native, who is a co-owner of the Blue Wahoos.

Throughout the next 18 months, Bubba will be trained by former WEAR 3TV reporter and volunteer puppy raiser, Kathryn Daniel. Kathryn previously raised and trained Canine Companions dogs Watson and Chappie. Watson is now the official ball dog for the Blue Wahoos and Chappie named after Pensacola native General Daniel “Chappie” James, is a working service dog who is providing independence for a young girl.

“Our family is thrilled to be raising another future service dog with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos,” said Kathryn. “Their management, staff and fans have embraced our puppy projects whole heartedly along with Bubba Watson and his family.  Puppies and baseball, is there a better combo?”

Stay tuned to the Blue Wahoo’s season* to see Bubba as he becomes a lovable hit while making appearances at games and learns what it takes to become a service dog who will provide independence to an adult, child or veteran with a disability.

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