November 2022 eNews

When 12-year-old Zoe and her family started the process to apply for a service dog from Canine Companions, they were hoping for a dog that would help Zoe be more independent. They found that and so much more in Service Dog Zelda. “I see a best friend. I see someone who has taught Zoe to be thoughtful and mindful of others, taught her responsibility and to become a member of the family,” Zoe’s father shares. “We can’t imagine life without Zelda.”

When Kate Johnson, vice president of the Amon G. Carter Foundation, was introduced to Canine Companions, she was immediately drawn to the lifechanging mission and our Veterans Initiative. Her family’s foundation, the Amon G. Carter Foundation, made a generous $250,000 gift to support the Veterans Initiative in our South Central Region.

Nika lives with hydranencephaly and cerebral palsy. When 9-year-old Nika was matched with Service Dog Waverly in May, there was an instant “sparkle.” Nika, who had not been able to go out in a public setting without experiencing extreme anxiety, is now able to not only experience outings, but enjoy them, with a huge smile on her face.

To most 17-year-olds, leading a country might seem like a lofty goal, but then, most 17-year-olds aren’t Jack Sabo. Aside from preparing for college and participating in extracurriculars, Jack spends what little free time he has helping raise future service dog Donny, alongside his parents, Jill and John.

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