May 2023 eNews

During a trip to the Columbia River with friends in 2016, Brooks dove from a boat, unaware that the dam had released excessive amounts of water during the week, creating a shallow canal in the sand of the riverbed invisible from above. The dive caused a spinal cord injury, leaving Brooks with quadriplegia and loss of use of his hands. In August of 2022, Brooks was matched, free of charge, with Service Dog Whitley.

When first-time puppy raiser Abby Wilson sought months-long treatment at a regional medical center, she had to make the heart wrenching decision to leave her Canine Companions puppy, Inspire, behind with another puppy raiser. A few months later, she was discharged from the facility, but no apartments would let her sign a lease for just a few months.

The Canine Companions research program hit a major milestone at the close of 2022 – leading the industry in canine behavioral research for 20 years! Our research department has been active for decades, and our focus on behavioral research has been critical to understanding what traits make a dog more successful as a service dog.

Janet Era is an investigator with the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office in Northern California. She works with children and young adult victims or witnesses of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abduction. In 2019, Janet was partnered with Facility Dog Roberto, known as Bear. Bear helps Janet in her work supporting these individuals and their families as they navigate the criminal justice system.

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