CBS-Pittsburgh Welcomes Five Canine Companions Puppies

CBS Pittsburgh TV station crew sitting on the couch and floor holding Canine Companions puppies.KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh received some exciting news over the holidays! Five Canine Companions puppies, cared for by our volunteer puppy raisers in the area, will be spending time at the station over the next 18 months on their journey to become future service dogs. Puppies Donny, Dustin, Violet, Garth and Gulliver’s growing, learning, playing and sleeping (lots!) will be followed by KDTA-TV, and their progress will be featured on their Facebook page.*

KDKA-TV recently followed Canine Companions Service Dog Penguin throughout his journey. Penguin appeared on KDKA every Friday morning as a special guest, and viewers were able to get an update on his growth and learning progress, showcasing new commands he had been working on. He also made appearances at various events in the Pittsburgh area with his volunteer puppy raiser and the station crew. Service Dog Penguin successfully graduated back in October and matched with Jon with facilitators Ron and Margene. Enhancing his independence and confidence to live life to the fullest.

Canine Companions trains service dogs to assist people with disabilities and facility dogs to motivate and inspire clients in a professional environment. Each dog is trained in up to 45 commands including picking up dropped items, tugging open and pushing closed doors, turning on and off lights, and so much more.

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