Canine Companions Facility Dog Joins Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Canine Companions dog on hospital bed

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital recently welcomed its first full-time facility dog from Canine Companions for Independence. Brea, an expertly trained 2-year-old dog will work with the Child Life Department and will provide comfort and support and will also serve as a friendly distraction for children during procedures and throughout their hospitalization.

Facility dogs are trained to assist with goal-oriented interventions and address the physical and psychological needs of patients, families and staff. Brea will assist facilitator Leah Frohnerath on several units throughout the hospital. “I am extremely excited for Brea to be a part of our team,” Frohnerath says. “Brea has demonstrated a wonderful ability to make connections with patients. She has made painful procedures tolerable, even enjoyable for our patients, and helped staff bolster their energy to do the amazing work that they do.” 

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