In Honor of Apex

Photo of a blonde dog, Apex, in front of an Apex Campus signCARY, NC – Margot Bennett, a dedicated volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions, is setting up a fund in honor of her late service dog in training, Apex. Apex, a yellow lab golden cross, passed away at only five months of age on November 22, 2023. The fund aims to sponsor future service dogs through Canine Companions and to support their mission of providing expertly trained service dogs to adults, children and veterans with disabilities free of charge. Additionally, proceeds from Bennett’s  children’s book, Ely, Life as a Service Dog Puppy, will be donated to this fund.

Margot Bennett, an active member of the Cary community for over 30 years, has raised 11 puppies for service, bringing them to various Cary businesses, libraries, schools, and on her errands to socialize them and help them gain confidence. To help educate others about how service dogs become who they are meant to be, Margot published a children’s book, Ely, Life as a Service Dog Puppy, about Ely, one of the service dogs she raised for Canine Companions. Ely’s story is aimed for ages 5-12, told from his point of view, has interactive questions and fun Puppy Talk Q&A.

Service dogs, like Ely, a yellow Labrador Retriever, who was raised by Bennett, play a vital role in the lives of their owners. Miranda Hart, who received Ely three years ago, relies on him to assist with daily tasks due to her connective tissue disorder. Ely’s training enables him to pick things up and help Hart with activities such as laundry, where he tugs on a rope tied to the basket and assists her throughout the process.

Sales from Margot Bennett’s book Ely, Life as a Service Dog Puppy will contribute to the fund created in honor of Apex. By supporting this cause, dog lovers can help sponsor future service dogs and provide companionship and assistance to those in need, while learning and sharing in one dogs’ story.

“All the proceeds from my book are going to go towards a fund that I’ve created at Canine Companions in honor of Apex,” says Bennett . “I feel it is very important that Apex has a legacy, that he wasn’t able to attain on his own. Your gift to Apex’s fund, and purchase of Ely’s book, will help open more doors for people with disabilities. Ely’s story makes a great gift for children, schools and libraries and will help share the amazing mission of Canine Companions.”

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