Canine Companions Attends Georgia Aquarium’s Gold Certification Ceremony

Canine Companions was invited to Atlanta, Georgia to help celebrate the Georgia Aquarium’s newest achievement as the first Gold Certified Organization, recognized by WheelChariot.

WheelChariot is a local Georgia-based organization, founded by graduates from the Georgia Institute of Technology, whose focus is forming a more inclusive society where everyone has equal access to goods and services. WheelChariot’s platform provides businesses with the tools and insights needed to enhance accessibility and foster an environment of inclusion. By providing a unique opportunity for businesses to receive first-hand feedback, engage with and learn from a vibrant community dedicated to improving accessibility; WheelChariot helps businesses, like Georgia Aquarium, improve their accommodations based on real user experiences.

“We are immensely proud of Georgia Aquarium’s commitment to making every visit memorable and enriching for everyone,” says Gabriel Jones, CEO of WheelChariot. “Their trailblazing efforts set an exemplary model for others in our quest to make Atlanta a beacon for accessible tourism.”

This certification allows businesses to proudly promote their commitment to inclusivity, assuring visitors of their dedication to providing accessible experiences for all. We thank Georgia Aquarium for inviting Canine Companions to be part of this recognition and for their unwavering dedication to inclusivity and accessibility, making it a leading destination for all visitors in Atlanta.

Click here to learn more about Georgia Aquarium’s accessibility offerings*.

*Please be aware that by clicking this link, you are visiting sites that are not managed by Canine Companions. Website security, accessibility and privacy policies may be different than Canine Companions policies. Please read their policies closely.