Duval, a Future Service Dog in Training, Is a Jacksonville Jaguars Fan

As chants of “"Duuuval!"” reverberated around TIAA field, Canine Companions future service dog in training Duval, was suited up and cheering on the team.

dog wearing vest with Jaquars football and hat
“Duval is a very special puppy with a purpose, growing up to provide independence to a person with a disability,” says his Canine Companions volunteer co-puppy raisers, Jan Goodhue and Ella Brock. Duval was a cute yellow ball of fur and just eight weeks old when he arrived in Jacksonville, straight from his litter in Santa Rosa, California.

Many people wonder how Canine Companions generates such a diverse range of names for dogs. We have our own breeding program, and each puppy litter is assigned a letter, progressing alphabetically from A to Z. Each puppy is given a name that begins with that letter. Duval is from the D litter and was named by long time Jacksonville resident and community advocate, Joanne Cellar, in honor of her Jacksonville roots and  her love for the Jaguars.

As volunteer puppy raisers for Canine Companions, Goodhue and Broch must take Duval to many places, allowing him to socialize with strangers, walk amid crowds and traffic, and otherwise become familiar with the world around him. During these outings, he has become the 12th man for the Jaguars, while cheering on his favorite team.

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