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Canine Companions service dog with person who is sitting on a fallen tree

Lead. Live. Love.

Charlie is a veteran and one of thousands of graduates who have received service dogs from Canine Companions®. “Having Service Dog Devon with me to pick up something that I’ve dropped, open a door or hit a light switch is a big day-to-day thing for me,” Charlie shares. Expertly trained in over 40 commands, Devon helps Charlie live with greater independence, joy – and LOVE! Click here to support more teams.

two canine companions puppies with valentine's decorationsSend a Valentine

Make a gift in honor of your valentine (furry or human), and you can personalize and share a love note on our virtual tribute wall. It’s a wonderful way to say, “I love you!” Click here to share the love!

Support Us One Step at a Time
person with Canine Companions service dog in their lap

Support Canine Companions just by walking your dog! WoofTrax supports organizations focused on the human-canine bond. Every step you take helps our mission! Click here to learn more.

Puppy Calendar
litter of Canine Companions puppies

You still have 11 months of puppies to enjoy! A puppy calendar can be all yours with a donation of $15. Also included is $60 worth of Eukanuba coupons for dog food! Get yours now before they sell out.

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