Facility Dog Brisket Joins the Glendale Police Department

Woman sitting next to a yellow labrador retriever wearing a blue vest.

The Glendale Police Department welcomed its newest staff member, Canine Companions Facility Dog Brisket.

Brisket was matched with his handler, Amy, in November 2023 at the Southwest Region campus in Oceanside, CA. 

At the Glendale Police Department, Brisket will:

  • provide comfort to victims and witnesses during interviews and court proceedings,

  • help victims process grief and loss,

  • lower tension and stress of community members and staff after traumatic events,

  • work with children to build relationships,

  • conduct senior citizen visits and welfare checks,

  • engage with the community during public events,

  • and so much more!

As a puppy, Brisket was sponsored and followed by the Los Angeles Chargers and had the opportunity to attend games and community events and interact with the players on the practice field.

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Facility Dog Brisket Joins Glendale Police Department*

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