Walt Disney World Employee Turns a Promising Puppy into a Future Service Dog

Walt is a very special puppy with a purpose, growing up to provide independence to a person with a disability.

Just like Mickey Mouse and Pluto are a dynamic duo, so are Walt Disney World Resort Tri-Circle- D Ranch Manager Robin Walker and Walt, her Canine Companions puppy.

Walt was a cute yellow ball of fur and just 8 weeks-old when Walker received him in Orlando, straight from his litter in Santa Rosa, California.

Many people wonder how Canine Companions generates such a diverse range of names for its dogs. Canine Companions has its own breeding program and each puppy litter is assigned a letter, progressing alphabetically from A to Z. Each puppy will be given a name that begins with a letter. Walt is from the W litter and was named by his breeder caretaker in honor of the wonder and excitement that is associated with the name Walt.

And Walt is already making dreams come true. Wearing his special yellow cape proudly, Walt can be seen around the Tri-Circle D Ranch bringing smiles to the staff and bolstering their spirits to do the amazing work that they do, even during challenging times. As manager of over 90 horses used throughout the theme park, special events, and resorts, Walker is always on the go, and Walt sometimes is by her side greeting guests and bringing smiles to everyone he meets within the ranch. Walt can even be seen exploring the beautiful barn and meeting some of Cinderella’s ponies.

As a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions, Walker must take Walt to many places, allowing him to socialize with strangers, walk amid crowds and traffic, and otherwise become familiar with the world around him. “And this also allows WDW staff and guests to learn more about service dogs and about the impact they have for people with disabilities,” said Walker.