Canine Companions opens Puget Sound Field Office

a black Canine Companions puppy in a yellow cape walking forward, with the Seattle skyline and water in the background.Canine Companions, the largest nonprofit provider of service dogs to adults, children and veterans with disabilities, recently opened a Puget Sound Field Office in Seattle. This office is an extension of the organization’s Northwest Region, based in Santa Rosa, California. First of its kind, this office is in addition to the other six regional training centers.

The new SODO district office will help the organization better support their existing clients and volunteers in the area, and place more of their expertly trained service dogs with people with disabilities in the Puget Sound area, at no cost to them. The new location will be staffed by service dog trainers, a canine wellness coordinator, and philanthropy and marketing staff.

Canine Companions provides expertly trained service dogs to adults, children and veterans with disabilities, at no cost to their clients. Service dogs perform more than 40 tasks to help enhance their handler’s independence, including picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors and drawers, turning on and off lights and more! The organization also provides facility dogs to professionals working in healthcare, rehabilitation, therapy, education and criminal justice settings. Volunteer puppy raisers. Unique to the Puget Sound Field Office, dogs in professional training will be fostered by volunteers, giving them a safe home, love and exercise, and transporting them to and from the facility for training each day during the week.

Canine Companions is looking for more volunteer puppy raisers and fosters for dogs in professional training.

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Click here to inquire about becoming a foster for a dog in professional training.

Currently, Canine Companions serves 55 service and facility dog teams in the Puget Sound, and more than 80 teams in the state of Washington. The organization is supported by more than 30 volunteer puppy raisers in the Puget Sound, and additional volunteers in other roles, including events and fundraising.