Advancing Canine Nutritional Health and Performance with Eukanuba™ for More Than 30 Years

Close up of a very young lab puppy wearing a vestSANTA ROSA, Calif. – November 12, 2021 – Eukanuba™ has been a valued strategic partner of Canine Companions® for more than 30 years. Through the partnership, Eukanuba has supported their mission through donations as well as providing quality, premium nutrition for their service dogs.

In the late 1960s, Eukanuba founder Paul Iams was inspired by the abilities of working and sporting dogs. Looking to create a dog food that could help fuel dogs with jobs, he created a new high-protein option that put performance and nutritional science first. Paul chose the name “Eukanuba,” a jazz term meaning “supreme” to symbolize his vision for next-level canine nutrition.

This dedication to the science behind nutrition brought Canine Companions and Eukanuba together in 1991. Since then, they’ve developed an understanding of the relationship between nutrition, canine cognition and longevity in Canine Companions puppies and service dogs. Their partnership increases awareness of volunteer puppy raising and their mission to provide service dogs to people with disabilities, free of charge.

“Truly invested partners are the cornerstone to the success and strength of our program,” said Paige Mazzoni, chief executive officer of Canine Companions. “Our 30 year partnership with Eukanuba demonstrates their commitment to quality and support for working dogs and enables us to provide our life-changing service dogs the highest quality nutrition possible to ensure maximum performance.”

As a dedicated partner, Eukanuba has sponsored several Canine Companions puppies over the years. Recently, they sponsored the naming of a future service dog from the K litter in celebration of September’s National Service Dog Month. With a month-long social media campaign, the public had the opportunity to name and “meet” adorable Canine Companions future service dog Kit.

The dedication and generous support of corporate partners like Eukanuba allows Canine Companions to continue evolving their cutting-edge research and training programs. Together, they’re working towards an industry-wide goal of providing service dogs to all eligible applicants and reducing wait times for individuals who would benefit from a service dog.

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