August is National Make-A-Will Month

A man and woman sit with a yellow lab puppy in a patch of orange fall leaves. The puppy, which is wearing a yellow vest that reads “Canine Companions,” looks up at the woman.August is National Make-A-Will Month, a perfect time to reflect on what matters most and to secure a future that resonates with your values. Canine Companions has partnered with FreeWill to make it easier than ever to start your will and make your most important plan for the future.
Here are a few reasons why you might want to complete this essential task:
Peace of mind: A will allows you to provide for your loved ones and pets, so you know that no matter what, they will be supported. 
Security: Creating your will and estate plan allows you to communicate important financial and healthcare decisions, so you’re prepared for whatever the future may hold.  
Impact: By including a legacy gift in your will, you can sustain Canine Companions as the leader in providing highly-trained service dogs, free of charge, to those who need them most.
We’re proud to partner with FreeWill, an online estate planning tool, to make the process of creating your will as straightforward and simple as possible. During the last Make-A-Will Month, over 70,000 people trusted FreeWill to help them safeguard their loved ones and the causes they believe in.
We invite you to use this month to prepare for the future and secure your legacy!