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A Life-Changing Partner for a U.S. Army Veteran

In 1990, Tarik was stationed in Europe as an U.S. Army soldier during a chaotic time, when our country was about to enter the Gulf War. As the world was changing and as he returned to civilian life, Tarik faced stressors, and they quickly become unmanageable.  

“I started a downward spiral,” explains Tarik. “I resigned from my job due to medical reasons; I eventually lost my home and my way. I hit rock bottom. I ended up in the transitional housing program at the Veterans Affairs for two years.”  

Tarik decided it was time to apply for a Canine Companions service dog – and matched with Service Dog Walter. 

“Walter knows his job. He will intervene by nudging me and laying on my feet to bring me back to a balanced state of awareness.  Walter also serves as the ‘canary in the coal mine,’ nudging me before my emotional state becomes comprised,” he says.  Now, I feel grounded with Walter by my side.” 

Canine Companions service dogs empower children, adults and veterans with disabilities to lead lives with greater independence – every day. You can make an impact right now that will last a lifetime.

Double the impact. All donations are matched up to $110,000.  

a man sitting on a bench with a black lab in a blue service vest sitting on the ground at his feet

Service Dog Walter is my lifeline. Applying for a service dog was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 30 years.” 

What we provide:

cost for client to receive Canine Companions service dog
$ 0
trained service dog tasks to support with daily activities
0 +
types of disabilities qualify

Results we see:

experience increased independence
0 %
of veteran clients with PTSD experienced decreased symptoms
0 %
feel happier
0 %

Zander with Service Dog Zanna

Whether they are out in the neighborhood, where Zanna taps the elevator button with her nose, or at home, where she opens the refrigerator door to grab his drink, her presence grants him newfound independence. Zanna also supports by accompanying Zander to his medical appointments, where she keeps him grounded and motivated. Click here to read his full story.

Double the impact. All donations are matched up to $110,000.  

a boy in a wheelchair bends down to pet his yellow lab service dog wearing a blue service vest. His mother stand behind him.

“Their bond is beautiful to behold. Life with Zanna is amazing!”

$25 Donation

Provides a new vest for a graduating service dog team.

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Cara with Service Dog Frank

Together, Cara and Frankie work on new sounds that people with hearing may take for granted, such as the shrill whistle of the teakettle; the sirens from approaching emergency vehicles; or the sound of someone calling out their name. Click here to read her story.

Double the impact. All donations are matched up to $110,000.  

a woman kissing a yellow lab in a blue service dog vest

“I know I can rely on Frankie to support my safety and awareness, and with our growing bond, I know that trust only gets ever stronger.” 

$50 Donation

Provides one month of dog food and toys for a dog in professional training.

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Chet with Service Dog Miles

Since receiving Service Dog Miles from Canine Companions, Chet says his entire world has changed. Because he utilizes his feet for most activities, he regularly drops items, such as his phone and keys. Now, Miles is there to help pick these items up, close doors and more. Click here to read his full story.

Double the impact. All donations are matched up to $110,000.  

a man in a motorized wheelchair with a yellow lab service dog sitting beside him

“Instead of asking uncomfortable questions about my disability, they asked, ‘What’s your dog’s name?” 

$100 Donation

Provides expert medical and wellness care for a Canine Companions dog.

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Zoey with Service Dog Eros

As Zoey’s canine partner, Eros inspires her to remain motivated while carrying out daily tasks, such as sitting through mealtimes or getting ready for the day each morning – all by using the over 45 tasks he mastered in professional training at Canine Companions. Click here to read her full story.

Double the impact. All donations are matched up to $110,000.  

a smiling young girl with a yellow lab in a blue service vest sitting next to her

“Her joy comes from Eros’ goofy personality and his love of being close to Zoey, no matter what.”

$500 Donation

Provides dedicated follow-up services for a human-canine team.

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