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“I can connect more and be more comfortable in the world because of Kellen.”

-U.S. Army veteran David Medina with Service Dog Kellen

Give today and your gift is DOUBLED!

Your contribution helps provide our service dogs – free of charge – so more children, adults and veterans with disabilities can live every day with greater independence.  

Give now to make a life-changing difference for a brighter future ahead. 

ALL donations are DOUBLED, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000!  

A man wearing an 'ARMY' T-shirt and sunglasses kneels on a sandy beach beside his black service dog, who is sitting next to him, with the ocean waves in the background.

“Coming home was a different kind of mission,” David says. “I saw things no one wants to see. When the adrenaline was gone, I really felt the injuries. The physical and psychological change was 180 degrees.

The PTSD service dog training Kellen received changes the dynamic for me. I can connect more and be more comfortable in the world because of Kellen.”

A family of three sitting on the beach with their black service dog wearing a blue vest, enjoying the ocean view in the background.

Give today and your gift is DOUBLED!

Because of their partnership, David can focus his energy on activities he wants to do, instead of worrying about what he can’t do. He’s able to dedicate himself to making meaningful memories with his family and taking up kayaking again –all thanks to Kellen.

Help make every day Independence Day for people with disabilities.

Every gift is automatically doubled, up to $100,000.

$50 Donation

Can provide one month of food for a dog in professional training.

$100 Donation

Can provide expert medical and wellness care for a Canine Companions dog.

$250 Donation

Can provide research and enrichment tools for canine studies.

$500 Donation

Can provide dedicated follow-up services to support the human-canine team.

$1000 Donation

Can provide puppy transportation to volunteer puppy raisers.