Graduate Equipment

Dear Graduate:

Recently, Canine Companions launched our new brand which will allow us to gain greater recognition while also representing the diverse populations we serve.

The new logo captures the belief that the human-canine bond makes us all stronger. The dog and human connect to form a unified, heart-like shape, underscoring the strength of the relationship and illustrating how service dog teams help each other feel empowered and valued.

We want every graduate dog to wear our new logo, and we will send one vest and one patch to each team free of charge. Having a consistent brand gives Canine Companions great recognition which helps enhance our impact and the ability to serve more people with service dogs. In addition, we are working hard to limit the number of ID vests out there and reduce the temptation to falsely represent an animal as a service dog. Therefore, we are asking that you send your old vest back, with your signature and/or a note, to your regional center where we will find a way to commemorate the great work that has been done in those vests and our now “vintage” logo.

If you have not ordered your new vest or have additional questions, please reach out to your regional client services program manager.