Volunteer Advisory Council

Do you believe in the power of the human-canine bond?

Group photo from TEAM22Canine Companions provides service dogs to people with disabilities, as well as facility dogs to professionals working in healthcare, criminal justice, and education settings. Our mission is made possible thanks to the thousands of amazing volunteers who take care of our breeder dogs, raise future service dogs, lead local volunteer chapters, organize events, and outreach opportunities, fundraise, advocate and so much more.

Canine Companions volunteer advisory council supports Canine Companions’ mission by enhancing the volunteer experience. The Volunteer Advisory Council is a selected group of volunteers providing input, and recommendations on policies, programs, and needs that relate to Canine Companions volunteers. The volunteer advisory council’s priority is to be a vital voice for our grassroots volunteer community.

The council meets virtually four times a year to review and discuss matters that directly concern the volunteer programs. The council will share perspectives from volunteers, provide feedback and develop key recommendations, as needed. All findings will be reported to the regional and national leadership team. The council is comprised of a total of 15 volunteers representing different volunteer roles and geographic areas. Volunteer time commitment is approximately two hours per month, and the term is up to two years.

Canine Companions is grateful to the following members of the Volunteer Advisory Council 2024-2025:

Emily Arnow, Colorado
Tracy Borin, California
Sherri Bryant, Kansas
Tonni Caughey, California
Denise Dellaquila, New York

Kristy Doyle, Oklahoma
Pamela Dunston, Atlanta
Anita Hettum, Oregon
Elaine May, Ohio
Mary Patterson, Texas

Christina Riley, North Carolina
Sharon Rose, California
Karyn Sjostrom, New Hampshire
James Turner, Ohio
Karey Zufelt, California