Eva LaMere – Northeast Region

Eva LaMere is president of Austin Williams, a nationally recognized marketing agency that volunteers their resources to develop Canine Companions branding. Eva is currently the vice president of the Northeast Region Advisory Board.

Eva has a deep love of dogs and great compassion for people with disabilities, which shows in her commitment to our organization. She joined the Northeast Region Board in 2018, but for over 15 years, she has volunteered her agency’s resources for our Gala events, including planning social media buys and providing assets at no charge. In addition, she sits on the Canine Companions National Marketing Committee and lends her expertise to assist with branding.

Eva is always the first to step up with whatever needs we have in the Northeast Region. She has agreed to stay on as the interim president for 2023, as we onboard several new board members, recognizing the importance of consistent leadership during this early engagement. She prioritizes Canine Companions even as her own agency continues to grow. Thank you, Eva! 
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